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God! I thought I'd never get around to posting those. Well, the initial plan was a big batch of all companions for One, Two and Three. That… *laughs* did not happen. Yet. But I'm honestly getting so sick of things lagging, I decided I might as well show my One icons now, and the rest will come sometime later. It's been five months since I last posted icons, for god's sake =P

Without further ago, here goes:

1) Better 2) Better 3) Better 5) Better 4) Better 1-5

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Well, here goes. Enjoy =) Please drop me a comment if you like them and wish to take any of them, and you can credit [livejournal.com profile] flowsoffire or [livejournal.com profile] eyes_afire if needed. Thanks :)
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So, icons! Eventually, the end of the battle I started ages ago with [livejournal.com profile] universaldogma—33 icons of s7 part b, the specials and the minisodes. Enjoy—and please comment to let me know what you like and if you wish to snag any! (Updated credit for the texture use is on the pinned post on my journal and comm.)

19) Better 20) Better 21) Better 1) Second better 2) Better 1-5

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AND finished Robot of Sherwood tonight! :D That ending was a bit quick. XD I expected a bit more about the Promised Land, but I guess that's slowly coming. Database of info full of stories in that ship… it's sort of unsettling how lots of things seem to lean towards the River parallel, which I don't buy :? But we'll see! ;)

Listen does look incredible… Soon, hopefully :)
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I said I would try and keep posting, so here I post XD

There has been nice stuff: lots of work, for one, yippee XD Also writing: my Harry Potter got finished, and on time for the birthday of my friend too! :D Phew, that much is out of the way. Productivity-wise… that has been all XD Getting so behind on fandom things, trying not to worry too much about that. Eh, it is what it is. I know people will be understanding, I just hate feeling stuff pile up and the extra pressure that gives, plus my inner OTP starts shrieking. Never mind. ;)

Also, Doctor Who! :D My mother watched Time of the Doctor and Deep Breath last night: she really enjoyed both, and loved Capaldi near-instantly, though she was also very fond of Matt Smith :) In the meantime I watched two thirds of Robot of Sherwood—yeah, still doing the fragmented thing XD It was pretty nice, very fun. A sum-up of my impressions of the season thus far:

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4) I finished Into the Dalek tonight. HOLY SHIT.

*laughs hysterically*

That only took forever. And I'll be responding to others' opinion posts and the like at some point, but it was GOOD. ♥
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As promised, here's the icon batch! Part 2 of 3 of my battle with the lovely [livejournal.com profile] universaldogma ;) 24 of series 7, plus one Clara icon from the s8 trailer because too pretty—and I love the darker, more adult look of Clara on some parts. Claraaaaa.

I feel the need to apologize for #15 because I tried to make a complex icon, and I guess one must start somewhere. XD Besides, yeah. Enjoy! Comments are loved and treasured—do tell me your favourites, that's always interesting to know :D Credit if you take, blah blah blah. Thank you!

1) Better 3) Better 4) Better 5) Better 6) Better1-5

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New ‘Doctor Who’ title sequence inspired by fan video

Wow :D That's what I call something inspiring!

Vid rec

Aug. 4th, 2014 11:05 pm
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Just popping by to share a good tribute vid ;)

I love it when they do justice to all Doctors and companions… ♥
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I was planning to make a much bigger icon post (80-icon battle with the lovely [livejournal.com profile] universaldogma, cut into two batches, that was the idea), but I've been kind of blocked and kind of lazy for a while now, so I figure posting a little batch and then starting afresh with a new one might help. Or not. Idk. XD I've been sitting on those long enough anyway. Here you go with 25 half-arsed icons, Eleven era, hope you like them ;P

1) Better 2) Better 3) Better 4) Better 5) Better 1-5

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A friend's nice Eleven/River vid, which sits sadly underrated on their YouTube channel ;)

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Here you go, new icons! You can now also find them on the community I created, [livejournal.com profile] eyes_afire. Figured it'd be easier in case people wanted to follow just the icons, and not necessarily friend me. *shrugs* I guess I'm getting serious with the icon-making ;)

In here: 9 New!Who (yes, I had fun with all the Doctors right there :D), 22 classic!Who with the First Doctor era, 4 Once Upon a Time and 15 of Game of Thrones. Plus five alternates. The OUAT and Donna ones were done for the lovely [livejournal.com profile] angel1605's birthday :) Resources can be found here. Enjoy! Please drop me a word to tell me if you like them, comments are always treasured! Credit too ^_^

33) Better 34) Better 32) Better 35) Better 31) Better 1-5

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Hello there, guys! Well, here I am again. New batch! Twenty-seven from s5 and the corresponding special, seven from s6, two from s7, two cast icons (Hartnell and Carole Ann Ford vs. Jenna-Louise Coleman and… well, a bit of Matt Smith's hand :D) and two Bellatrix Lestrange icons. There was a LOT of texture use in this one, as that has been my new toy of love. A majority of those were taken from [livejournal.com profile] soaked, who does STELLAR stuff—I'm a fan. Besides, you can find my updated resources post here.

Enjoy! ♥ And please do comment if you like them!

(Oh, while I'm at it—if perchance anyone knew of where to find good classic!Who screencaps for the One and Two eras, I'd be ever so grateful. I only found a few and I'd really love to do more of those…)

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And here is the newest batch of my babies! ♥ God, I just love icon-making a bit more each day. *flails happily*

Caps are from the lovely [livejournal.com profile] universaldogma; #13 to #32 were made for a battle with her, in which she'll put me to shame again but that's okay :D *hugs* This time there was a bit of texture use, for which the credit goes to [livejournal.com profile] midnight_road. I'll put together a resources post at some point when I have more.

That is all, I guess. Hope you enjoy ^_^

32) Better 1) Texture 2) Pale 3) 3-better 4) With texture 1-5

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Here is my third batch—and this time I've actually mastered some new techniques! :D Still just dabbling, but at least progress happens little by little, haha. I've understood the point of layers at long last, and I am officially in love with gradients… and curves, too, a bit ♥

Anyway—here is a batch with a bit of everything: bit of classics, and all three new!Doctors. The Eleven icons were made for a battle with the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] universaldogma, who also provided me with tons of s5 screencaps—thanks a ton, lovely :D

I'll shut up now. ^_^

1) Gradients 2) First crop 3) I made some cocoa 24) Difference 25) Somber 1-5

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And it's beautiful ♥

*hugs all*
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Here we go, guys! Gosh, I did end up posting these. Twenty s1, five of The Eleventh Hour, one OTP indulgence and one of Idris. Hope you enjoy my dabbling! Any and all feedback is appreciated!

8) Pink 9) Cyan 14) Light 12) Light 20) Glow 1-5

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I am now officially joining the club of the Adventure of Space and Time people who've been squeeing all over my flist. Read more... )
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First thing—HOLY SHIT, MY NOVEL IS DONE. Wrapped it up today at 73K. Wowwww. *breathes* That's one huge thing dealt with, guys. It's so very raw and I'll need to edit the hell out of it, but it's there. And now I can get back to work/have a bit more time for shows =P (Last OUaT ep and Adventure of Space and Time, then CLASSIC!WHO. Oh, I'm so excited to start watching that again ♥)

Might pop back later for some Day of the Doctor thoughts (basically my comments to [livejournal.com profile] clara_who and [livejournal.com profile] justascrewup2's journal, cleaned up to be stand-alone. For now, a few links I found very interesting (beware of the spoilers!):

First, this article includes very interesting bits of a Moffat interview about the anniversary special—mostly centred on his approach of Billie Piper's part, but it also involves fun stuff about Moffat and RTD's working relationship, Tom Baker's appearance, Peter Capaldi's, and the latter's regeneration scene at Christmas. Loved it all!

This article INCLUDES SPOILERS ABOUT THE CHRISTMAS SPECIAL and the Doctor's number of regenerations. Don't read if you're wary of that!

And last, just a bit of fun with The 12 types of Doctor Who fans. I giggled a lot :)

Cheers! ♥
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Oh my god, I really REALLY wanted to do this before NaNo. Here we go, then.

So those are my babies—20 Who, 5 OUaT and 38 alternates. As you guys know, I just dabble. Beginner, not super good, etc—but I just had a blast doing those and I really, really hope people like them. Comments would be ♥♥♥, I'd be delighted to have opinions (criticism is welcome too!). And if anyone wanted one of those, please do credit… ;)

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