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Popping by to pimp the amazing fic Moon River by [livejournal.com profile] avarill and [livejournal.com profile] taiamu. I've been enjoying the daylights out of it for the past few days, the River and Doctor characterization really is outstanding—great writing and insight, a very catchy plot that seems ever so promising and just a bit of sexytimes by the end. Their interpretation of how Eleven would be around his first time with River is so similar to mine I was bouncing on my seat the whole time. And it's my babies and it's a smashing fic. Everyone should read if you can spare the time—a rather short prologue and four solid-length chapter thus far, but it's really worth stopping by, believe me!

That is all I wanted to say. XD Been keeping busy and productive—my self-translated novel is almost ready to go to the friend who accepted to proofread it, I've been watching more classic!Who (almost at the end of s3, eeeee!) and writing classic!Who fic! One for Susan, one for Sara and maybe an Ian one to come. That is new and feels pretty lovely. Got to finish typing my Harry Potter WIP update before I get around to that, though. Also I AM UP TO DATE WITH ALL THINGS FANDOM. HOW DID THIS EVER HAPPEN. And I'm getting an e-reader for Christmas, which is something to bounce about! All the free classics, foreign languages and all. God.

*blows kisses to my flist* ♥
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