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So this review has been a bit overdue. I actually finished that ep over ten days ago, but I have been either too busy or too lazy to type and post this ;)

Anyway, Curse of Peladon was a very good episode, I really enjoyed it! It started with Jo getting ready for a date with Yates, but then being accidentally stolen away by Three, and the TARDIS landing on the edge of a cliff and then, naturally, falling off the edge. That was already very promising. (DID I MENTION EXTREMELY CANON JO/YATES ♥) Then it had lovely planet politics: the young king struggling to find the right way to rule and the best future for his people, the two opposed advisors who were also mentor figures he felt very close to, yet one of which killed off the other and was doing shady things behind his back for what he also believed was the greater good of the planet (and mostly, protecting the old ways). Said young king proceeded to fall for Jo, who had been introduced as an Earth princess and one of the two ambassadors that had been awaited and very conveniently only turned up at the end. Galactic negotiations were going on, which involved aliens with hilarious voices: Arcturus, who was a snarky bastard I loved to bits, Alpha Centauri the hilarious coward with the shrill little-girl voice, and ICE WARRIORS! Ice Warriors whom Three misjudged and initially blamed for the obvious foul play going on, but later he came to realize that the species was really a lot more complex and layered than he'd given them credit for. Jo also helped with that, listening to the Ice Warriors' perspective and realizing they really were not so bad (they helped them out quite a bit, in fact). And this was also part of the General Jo Epicness, as she ROCKED the princess part with splendid and unsuspected acting skills, got things done, especially when the Doctor got thrown in prison and couldn't, handled the group of aliens and kicked their arses (or equivalents) when they really got too disgustingly cowardly, and also handled the king and the clear attraction between the two of them while inspiring him to follow his heart and do what was right. Jo was just so good. ♥

There was also a good beastie the Doctor mesmerized with a Venusian lullaby, and Three had a pit fight! Which he won!

I think that's all, or that is all I remember/that my livetweets mention. It was lovely ^_^ There will be a Sea Devils review next, since I am currently at the beginning of The Mutants. And poking at the idea of finding somewhere to get my hands on some Big Finish of the Doctors I've seen, but idk if that is available to stream/download anywhere, ahem. *coughs* Being broke and all, you see.

Quotable lines:

Alpha Centauri [about Earth]: "A remote and unattractive planet at best." [Thanks, little guy. Just look at you though!]

Jo: "Which way now?"
Three: "Which way indeed? Eenie, meenie, mynie, mo."
[cue roar in the distance]
Jo: "Meenie?"
[they head away from the roar]

Arcturus: "I am delegate Arcturus. You are late."

Jo [princess act begins]: "Doctor, I do not deal through intermediaries. Kindly present us to our royal host."

Jo [full princess act, about the TARDIS crash]: "The whole affair was most deplorable. The pilot was exceedingly inefficient."

Jo [later]: "Thank you. That would be very nice. See you later." [or how havoc and strong emotions make one lose focus]

Jo [later still]: "Phew, that was a bit close, wasn't it?"
Three [pointedly]: "Are you all right, Princess?"

Jo [about Alpha Centauri]: "No, I think he's rather sweet. Or is he a she?"
Three: "Neither. She is an it. It's a hermaphrodite hexapod."
Jo [with the cultural adjustment face]: "…oh."
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