May. 25th, 2015 10:17 pm
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Heya, guess who it is :)

*deep breath* I'm up to date! Holy shit wow. (Almost. Two days' delay to reply to fandom stuff sounds very reasonable, given the way it keeps pouring in anyway, it's useless to want to have absolutely everything done.) I'd forgotten what this feels like. Mostly VERY STRESSLESS. This is just the best timing ever; I'm resuming work just today, and I got a lot of things out of the way that I needed done (fic, the classic review etc), and I want to keep being good with stuff like checking out world news headlines and listening to the radio for language practise. So it means I can do all that stuff, and then only have a bit of fandom and not the stress of being behind and getting more behind every day, and actually get some time for me to just sit back and watch Doctor Who for MORE THAN 5 MINUTES IN A ROW, and post an update or some positives once in a while XD This was actually meant to be a positives post, but it was all variations on the same theme: doing good progress on the new translation + getting back to good habits for the news + being up to date = yes to productivity, no to stress!

So yeah, there has been a new translation getting started—Lost Man's Lane by Anna Katharine Green, first American female writer of crime novels and inspiration for no less than Agatha Christie :) It's been working out well so far, though the style is more literary than what I'm used to with my author—I'm still managing to keep a steady rhythm. And it's really pleasant work so far.

I don't have many more things to say except this squee; I hope everyone is doing well, and I'll run off to respond to a few more posts now while I've still got the brainpower, then actually *breathes* just watch some Who without being like "well, now that you've relaxed your brain, how about you get back to doing some of the 245 things that need to be done?"

(Colony in Space is so good ♥)

Love y'all!


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