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Here's for the day:

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Happy late Thanksgiving to all who celebrated! I hope you had a lovely time, whether you were able to spend it with family or not.

Positives for the past few days:

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3,047 words today for a 5,4K total + Dark Water was just extraordinary. ♥♥♥

Those are my positive things.

Love to y'all. ♥♥♥
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2,366 words today. Good good. Naturally I freaked out about coming to the end of a part and not being ready/not knowing what the hell to do with the next one, but I started the next one now, or in fact the part that was supposed to be third (three POV’s), and jotted down a few quick notes about the rest of that part + the second part. I need to learn to be calm about things and who am I kidding with that sentence. Also I need to learn to be satisfied with achievements instead of always wanting to do more and yes, I’m still kidding! *cue laughter*

Now you know why I don’t do much of the sharing thing. I get stupidly iffy about stupid things and prefer being shiny XD Sounding shiny is more like it…

Anyway. Will do fandom stuff now and then, at some point, probably watch a bit more of Spearhead in Space and/or do icons. BECAUSE I STARTED SPEARHEAD IN SPACE! I needed something to spend the time with while I was having a useless phase and feeling unsatisfied with everything. XD Only watched 8 minutes of it, but it seems so good! I’m in love with Liz Shaw already. And the Brigadier. ♥ Haven’t seen Jon Pertwee do a thing expect passing out yet, so opinions will come later.

Love y’all. Ignore the negative or fussy stuff, I blame the whole concept of sharing things that are going on inside my head. Like, who invented sharing, it gets so messy. XD

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IT IS HERE! My first novel's English version, The Overflow, is now available on Amazon! Freshly published, and I'm hoping it will get a good start :D Clink on the cover to access it (and just change .com to whatever your country's Amazon store might be).

For English 3

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Popping by to pimp the amazing fic Moon River by [livejournal.com profile] avarill and [livejournal.com profile] taiamu. I've been enjoying the daylights out of it for the past few days, the River and Doctor characterization really is outstanding—great writing and insight, a very catchy plot that seems ever so promising and just a bit of sexytimes by the end. Their interpretation of how Eleven would be around his first time with River is so similar to mine I was bouncing on my seat the whole time. And it's my babies and it's a smashing fic. Everyone should read if you can spare the time—a rather short prologue and four solid-length chapter thus far, but it's really worth stopping by, believe me!

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First thing—HOLY SHIT, MY NOVEL IS DONE. Wrapped it up today at 73K. Wowwww. *breathes* That's one huge thing dealt with, guys. It's so very raw and I'll need to edit the hell out of it, but it's there. And now I can get back to work/have a bit more time for shows =P (Last OUaT ep and Adventure of Space and Time, then CLASSIC!WHO. Oh, I'm so excited to start watching that again ♥)

Might pop back later for some Day of the Doctor thoughts (basically my comments to [livejournal.com profile] clara_who and [livejournal.com profile] justascrewup2's journal, cleaned up to be stand-alone. For now, a few links I found very interesting (beware of the spoilers!):

First, this article includes very interesting bits of a Moffat interview about the anniversary special—mostly centred on his approach of Billie Piper's part, but it also involves fun stuff about Moffat and RTD's working relationship, Tom Baker's appearance, Peter Capaldi's, and the latter's regeneration scene at Christmas. Loved it all!

This article INCLUDES SPOILERS ABOUT THE CHRISTMAS SPECIAL and the Doctor's number of regenerations. Don't read if you're wary of that!

And last, just a bit of fun with The 12 types of Doctor Who fans. I giggled a lot :)

Cheers! ♥
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All right.
I need Doctor Who prompts. Like, seriously. Like, very, very seriously. I can't seem to get ideas/get motivated, and this is really starting to bother me. Especially with River/Eleven -- it seems physically impossible to get deeper into those two than I am, the obsession takes over everything, but I can't settle on a specific fic to write and GAH. Now, this is a bit awkward because I'm just starting in the DW community over here and most River/Eleven friends I have don't know me very much yet/haven't read any of my writing, but really, I need a hand over here. If you see this and you have thirty seconds to waste, just drop me a prompt! I'll be grateful forever. Ahem, there's no guarantee I'll actually manage to do it, but even if I don't I'll just love you and give you cookies, I swear. Anything new!Who goes, though I'd really like to manage to get more than ONE freaking fic done for my OTP - ElevenRiver. Pretty please with three cherries on top?


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