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The Mutants!

That was a nice ep, and one that, again, dealt with a colony and humans being entirely dreadful to the native population. The villain was, once more, perfectly hatable. The Time Lords sent the Doctor and Jo about to do their bidding. Why they wanted to help the local population when they pointedly usually don't get involved in the politics of other planets, you ask? I do not know, but it made for a nice adventure. The characters were nice, with Ky the native, and the two guards who rebelled and helped the Doctor and Jo instead, one of which died, aw.

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Well, that is another much-belated review. But a delightful Master story! Seeing the Doctor and Jo pay a visit to an imprisoned Master was pretty much the best thing ever. I quite loved the two sides of that—first, the pretence of a reformed and pretty much overpowered Master, guarded by a staff that had been trained to resist his hypnosis. (His intense hypnotism face went almost cross-eyed. XD His frustrated face wasn't bad either.)

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So this review has been a bit overdue. I actually finished that ep over ten days ago, but I have been either too busy or too lazy to type and post this ;)

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Quick review, yes!

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So. The Daemons! Well, that was not my favourite episode in the history of ever. It had several good things, and also several weird things, and I donʼt know, I was a bit confused and WTF for quite a bit of it. I guess one canʼt like everything ;)

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That's right, here is an exceptionally fast review :D Five days for a six-part episode. Being up to date with fandom does that. ♥

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Hello! *waves* Here is a review!

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Hello! It's me! And well, this is not an update. But this was long overdue, so it's still good?

So. Mind of Evil, and I shall try and remember things to say even though I actually finished watching over three weeks ago, whoa. Livetweeting helps ;)

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This will be all. By the way, Iʼm sorry about the elusiveness, like pretty much always. Iʼve been working obsessively (in past-daily-maximum-is-now-daily-minimum mode, and thus making quite good progress, actually working so fast it almost scares me and makes me angst about quality, lol), and just finished reading Der Prozeß in German so yay progress! On top of that, I havenʼt been too bad at keeping up with everyone, and sometime soon I should have icons to show (First Doctor, a tiny post because some of those have been done ages ago and I need to just finish that batch already, it's been a ridiculously long time) and fic (Amelia entry for who-contest that has been hazily floating at the back of my brain for days, but motivation didn't want to come—Iʼve made myself set aside time to write every day this week, so things have eventually started getting done). Sooo yes. And now I shall crawl off to bed because itʼs already past my bedtime and Iʼve been waking around 6:30 to read or write a bit before I get online and check out stuff and work, so midnight is probably a bad idea. *waves* See you all! Take care!
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And I've reached it! Or I've reached them, I should say: Jo Grant, Mike Yates, and the Master :D The (new) cast pretty much made this episode. There is Jo, who is the adorablest little cutie. So different from Liz, enough that they just don't compete: Jo is the sweetest, Liz was epic and their brilliance just coexists. So yes, Jo makes quite the lovely new companion, and I want to squish her.

There is also Yates, so is great—very fun, and he has an excellent dynamic with Jo! I may ship them a wee bit. They are sweet together; she's already calling him Mike and he calls her "love" and calls her out on pouting like a child about things. And he made her cocoa; since the First Doctor and Cameca, we are aware of the implications of cocoa on one's love life. They are babies and that's it. (Also, the cocoa was plot-relevant! I love it when that stuff happens.)

Then, there was Delgado, who I'm quite enjoying so far :) Smooth, lots of presence, and I'm longing for more screentime between him and the Doctor but their one-liners about each other have been good so far. Also, we got to see his TARDIS! And it was a motor horse box! And now it's stuck on Earth! Squee. The Doctor seemed so pleased about tricking him like that, and so casually looking forward to seeing him again, it was rather cool.

Besides, the episode had Autons, and mostly plastic daffodils and a very ugly dwarf statuette as weapons of mass destruction. Yeah, the character made the whole thing. XD

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Hello! There hasn't been any updates really, simply because there was nothing very interesting to tell. I'm still working as much as I can, still trying to novel-edit and keep up with fandom and all the things. I came down with a bit of a cold today that had me feeling really sleepy, but still managed to get a few things done in the most energetic intervals so yay. And I finished s7! So you get a review! :D This is where you clap and cheer, yes.

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Soooo, in-between the work and the keeping up with fandom and all the productivity things, I finished Ambassadors of Death :) There has been lots of classic!Who watching admittedly, can't be productive at all times. (I need to remember that once in a while, lol.) That is how I actually get to watch one episode in a week, yes! :D

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Hello, there! Well, once I was done with my rewatch of s1 of new!Who I drifted back to classics and the episode I'd started back in December already, so you get a review now that I have a minute and totally don't have 128 emails sitting in my inbox, shhh. This was a nice episode, and all Silurians aren't as sexy as Vastra, but never mind that. XD In some ways the plot is shockingly similar to the new!Who version with the Hungry Earth/Cold Blood two-parter, with the dormant Silurians coming awake, the peaceful leader vs. the fighty ones who despised humans and went around calling them apes (already :D), the humans choosing the very worst place to put a factory on top of, the Doctor playing peacemaker and trying to get Silurians and humans to just get on with it and share the bloody planet already, the "We were here first! Your claim is irrelevant!" argument and I'll end it there, because well, it ends there. That's enough parallels already.

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And I eventually finished watching this one! :D

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I've done it! I've finished watching the War Games ♥

Oh, dear god. Well, where shall I start? The ep was very interesting, of course—humans stolen from their time zones and brought together to be used for war, all the while believing they were still in their own world—but let's face it, all throughout I was on the edge of my seat squealing everytime there was a reference to the Time Lords. It was awesome. It started with a trial, as it would end. There were random Roman soldiers and hypnotizing glasses and brainwashing machines and truth machines that were really fascinating to see in action. There was the use of Mr. John Smith and the sonic screwdriver. There were girl power moments and Zoe kicking ass and Zoe and Jamie being unbearably cute. AND THERE WERE TIME LORDS. The War Chief really looked like one incarnation of the Master whose name I fail to remember at the moment for some reason, and his plans of dominion and peace over the universe were brilliant. Those Time Lords never fail to have vision ;) His confrontations with the Doctor—awesome. Just awesome. I LOVED how lost and utterly all over the place the Doctor seemed at the mere notion of facing the Time Lords, all those desperate attempts to run away. (NB: the War Chief was killed and did not regenerate. Canon in progress, continuity is not a thing…)

The trial was brilliant. The Time Lords' mix of utterly calm and peaceful appearance/behaviour and incredible mind powers was a fair bit chilling. And such irony by the end—the Doctor pretending he was only going to get a scolding, assuring he wouldn't forget Jamie and Zoe and vice versa, while knowing what was going to happen to them, but reassuring them all the same ♥ Jamie and Zoe sent back to their worlds, only remembering one adventure with him, never their whole connection… I teared up a bit. So bittersweet. And his horror at the thought of exile on Earth, oh dear. I am just so full of emotions about all of this ♥♥♥

I just can't believe it. Two is done. Three and Liz and Spearhead from Space are next. And NaNo starts tomorrow. Holy shit. XD

Love y'all ♥
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Yessssssss, I finished that ep ^_^ Well, it was nearly-all recons. I'd lost the habit of that. XD Doesn't mean it wasn't nice though! Well, still, I don't have a lot to say about it. Mostly the second part stood out, and I was grateful this one was the only one available for real—I liked the clever thinking about how the explosions worked, breaking the magnetic pull so the beacons wouldn't be entirely destroyed but fragmented into parts, and the fact that this allowed the Doctor to try and pull the pieces together again. That was such a delightfully angsty part, the Doctor trying his hardest to save Jamie, Zoe and himself but knowing there were chances that they wouldn't make it. That moment when he told Zoe "Don't be a pessimist", with such a tired, tired look—desperate, but fighting on for all of their sakes… And that part when they were sharing oxygen and he gave his companions more because he didn't need as much as them. Alienness + selflessness. I loved it to bits. Also, the Doctor was practically sprawled across Jamie's lap with his head against his belly and I approved of that too.

Also, Milo was fun, if a bit shouty. ^_^

ZOE: There's one thing I don't understand.
MILO: Well you're very lucky, girl. There's about a hundred thousand things I don't understand, but I don't stand around asking fool questions about them, I do something useful.


Next up is The War Games. HOW DID THAT EVER HAPPEN?
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Trying to cross-post in HTML this time—fingers crossed!

The Seeds of Death! That was another pretty nice episode. I greatly enjoyed seeing the Ice Warriors again, though their hissy voices are honestly a pain; it made me think back on Cold War fondly, and enjoying all the Two-era references in s7. The GI, the Ice Warriors, the Brigadier's daughter! :D Plus the Zygons as far as classics are concerned. Lovely stuff.

The plot was nice, fungus is another recurring enemy. XD I really enjoyed Fewsham's role, it was quite emotional. His state of complete terror was obvious throughout the episode, of course he is being a coward compared to the more heroic members of the moonbase's crew, but we can't all be heroes. He had seen a colleague killed and was frantic and fearing for his life, and he followed the Ice Warriors because he was so terrified, but he also hated the idea of harming anyone, let alone the whole of Earth—and despite his cowardice, in the end he saved Zoe, delivered crucial information, and sacrifized himself in the process. If that is not redemption I don't know what is. ♥ So he was very good. I also liked Miss Kelly, though she was pretty much the opposite, very business-like, dutiful and a bit cold. And Professor Eldred and his passion for rockets, he was very fun!

Also, Zoe was very brave and super clever as usual and I love her. And Jamie and the Doctor, naturally. Jamie saved the Doctor twice, I think, go Jamie. And apparently the Doctor called Victoria and Jamie's names when he awoke after being knocked out by the deadly seeds' effects? Well.

Moral things: the Doctor apparently had no qualms against destroying the whole fleet of the Ice Warriors as long as he saved the Earth. No giving them a chance here, greater good in action. Maybe he tried to discuss earlier and I just didn't notice as much. They were hissy and not very prone to discussing anything with humans anyway.

Episodes always seem to end with side characters asking the Doctor's opinion about something or wanting to tell him thank you or whatever, looking up, and being like "where have they gone now?". This is fun. XD

Fun lines:

ZOE: At our present rate of drift and allowing for the usual gravitational influences, we'll be drawn into the heart of the sun in approximately five months and ten days.
JAMIE: No need to worry about that, then.
ZOE: What do you mean?
JAMIE: We've only got enough food and water for three days, remember?

ZOE: Are you all right?
PHIPPS: Oh yes, I'm fine. I've seen most of my friends killed. I'm being hunted by monsters.

Aw, baby. ♥

COMPUTER: Total breakdown of social order predicted. And this is so heart-lifting.

DOCTOR: Yes, but have you tried to understand [the fungus]?
GREGSON: Are you suggesting we should psychoanalyse it, Doctor?

Next up: The Space Pirates! And it's a recon! :( But it's the very last recon EVER I think, and then it's the War Games, yesssss! ♥
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The Krotons was a good episode, albeit one I took ages watching because of s8 airing and because I kept busy with all sorts of things. It had a planet with twin suns and the Doctor messing around with an umbrella; it had an interesting plot, with some of those themes we see recurring in old eps, a civilization overpowered and controlled by another species and struggling to break free after a while, with the most extreme rebels who wanted to fight no matter what, even when it seemed they were so poorly armed and would just get killed, vs. older, wiser leaders who might be a bit conservative but mostly wanted to keep everyone protected; it had that interesting bit about how the Krotons fed the Gonds all of their knowledge, but only what they wished them to know, therefore keeping them from truly evolving, but one could figure out which areas in particular they wanted to keep them in the dark about, and use that knowledge as a weapon to find out their vulnerabilities (when you're called the Doctor that is). There was Zoe being super clever and acing an intelligence test and being BETTER THAN THE DOCTOR at first, until he pulled himself together a bit—but clearly she was still drop-down genius and not inferior to him in the slightest. The Doctor did hypnosis. Jamie told Zoe to look after the Doctor, all protective and great. The Doctor said "Oh my giddy aunt!" and "Great jumping gobstoppers!". Jamie was considered as thoroughly stupid by the Krotons and could get all kinds of relevant information out of them because of that. The HADS happened for the first time and the Doctor's reaction to the TARDIS saving itself from harm was "what a stupid place to land". It was good.

I might try and do something productive right now or I might just say fuck it and watch a bit of The Seeds of Death instead, because my brain doesn't want thoughts or productivity or anything much at all. But I'll see what the evening turns out like.

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AND finished Robot of Sherwood tonight! :D That ending was a bit quick. XD I expected a bit more about the Promised Land, but I guess that's slowly coming. Database of info full of stories in that ship… it's sort of unsettling how lots of things seem to lean towards the River parallel, which I don't buy :? But we'll see! ;)

Listen does look incredible… Soon, hopefully :)
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I said I would try and keep posting, so here I post XD

There has been nice stuff: lots of work, for one, yippee XD Also writing: my Harry Potter got finished, and on time for the birthday of my friend too! :D Phew, that much is out of the way. Productivity-wise… that has been all XD Getting so behind on fandom things, trying not to worry too much about that. Eh, it is what it is. I know people will be understanding, I just hate feeling stuff pile up and the extra pressure that gives, plus my inner OTP starts shrieking. Never mind. ;)

Also, Doctor Who! :D My mother watched Time of the Doctor and Deep Breath last night: she really enjoyed both, and loved Capaldi near-instantly, though she was also very fond of Matt Smith :) In the meantime I watched two thirds of Robot of Sherwood—yeah, still doing the fragmented thing XD It was pretty nice, very fun. A sum-up of my impressions of the season thus far:

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Quick-ish review this time because I don't have that much to say. It was pretty cool to see the Brigadier again, along with UNIT—the upbeat UNIT theme was quite enjoyable :) Villain-wise, Vaughn was pretty one-dimensional and megalomaniac but it was still interesting seeing his dynamic with the second-in-command Packer (Packer first being the ruthless and sadistic employee, but then he starts feeling anxious and out of his depth when he sees Vaughn growing too full of himself and out of control). Also interesting seeing Vaughn and the Doctor having to cooperate against the Cybermen at the end, and Vaughn refusing to help out of any goodness or sense of pity, but doing so out of hate for the Cybermen who destroyed his vision…

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