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Hey! Well, I managed to balance Game of Thrones and classic!Who enough to get to the end of s4 ^_^ Yay for that! I AM OUT OF THE RECONS OF DOOM! Not that there won't be recons anymore, but they won't be the majority, just a ridiculous quarter of the season :D Pshhhh. What is a quarter.

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Another nice ep, though it was only recons =) I'm liking that team!TARDIS more and more. The dystopia plot was quite nice, with the Big Brother-ish controller that turned out to be a giant beast. *snickers* It all seemed a lot too heavenly to be true at the beginning, and I really enjoyed seeing the team's reactions—the Doctor and Jamie wary, but Ben and Polly relishing it all, the luxury and being coddled. The brainwashing was interestingly depicted, with all the music/singing (cheerleaders going rah rah rah… Dear god =P), the voice speaking to implant its message in people's minds, the locals getting so WILD whenever the Macra were mentioned. It was interesting to see Ben fall prey to that, and entirely turning against his friends at first, then starting to struggle against it little by little. He completely turned into someone else, not even speaking with the same accent… Polly was nice too, though she did a lot of sobbing and screaming. Two's low, emotional voice at some times is a thing of beauty. Two as a general rule is perf. And I had nice Jamie feels, too ^_^ He's just so loyal and fierce and protective of his friends.

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Cybermen, yay! Team!TARDIS, yay! Half of it not a recon, yay!

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Yes, yes, it's one episode in two days! This is legit! *falls off chair*

God it feels GOOD to watch parts that are not recons, even two out of four. My attention span and excitement are a lot higher that way ;) Nice ep overall, and I'm liking the team TARDIS as it is so far, four of them all over again. The plot was nice (Atlantis ftw!), the madman was fun, the costumes were dreadful. Two's squee at being dressed in local wild clothing was hilarious—as was his explaining madness with silly gestures and a very serious face and tone. XD

Epic lines of doom:

Polly about the Doctor (eating ambrosia ravenously): "I don't know. I've never seen him go for food like this before. It's usually hats."

Ben: "Do you know what you're doing?"
Two: "Oh, what a question. Of course I don't!"

Two: "Then perhaps the distant roaring that we can hear is just the goddess Amdo with the indigestion?"

Jamie (about the TARDIS): ""I'll never know what makes it go, mind you, but, well, at least I feel safe in here. It's only the wee things outside that are, well, alarming."

I might get wild and get started on The Moonbase next. I know I'll probably get some s7 caps sometime soon, and the icon-making cravings will be back with a fury then, and besides I wouldn't mind getting some writing done… Better watch while I can ;)
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Oh dear, I watch at a snail's pace. XD One part on Feb 27th, one part on March 9th, and the last two today. Funniest thing is, I started this afternoon, was interrupted five minutes into the ep, then decided to get back to work "for a bit"… and yeah, I abandoned it until tonight. XD Tonight is FREEDOM though—good progress on work, up to date with emails, icon batch posted and all of my notebook writings typed up, that means basically nothing to do but watch loads of classic!Who! I might just add another part or two before I leave tonight… it's an orgy. XD

Anyway, The Highlanders. I don't have many comments, but it was rather lovely—Two is absolutely delightful, I love his damn hat and his voice and his silly, playful manners. His impersonating a German doctor was priceless (Doctor Who?), and his being all sleepy while Polly was frantically requesting his help, too ;) Speaking of Polly, I think I'm warming up to her. Favourite parts are definitely when the team TARDIS is all together, they're a lot less interesting when all split up. Together they have all the fun character interaction. I hope Jamie will bring even more to the mix ^_^

That's all I have to say, so I'll fly off and watch more classic!Who while I still have the time. I have a way of always having a ton of things to do, so better enjoy the freedom while it's there ;) Love, everyone!
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Goodness! Yeah, after a nearly two-month hiatus I eventually got back to classic!Who. XD And that feels goooood. Brings back all the feels and the craving to watch more, too—I already got started on The Highlanders, which is lovely!

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Goodbye, One and amazing William Hartnell. My first classic Doctor ♥ (Much looking forward to Two! There was none of him in the ep but his face, but I'll probably watch the first part of Power of the Daleks this afternoon.)

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Eeee, feels nice to put "s4" in a title ;)

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