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And The War Machines was a brilliant episode. It's funny, from the start I got that feeling like the atmosphere had shifted—part of it in the filming, and part of it in the plot, that felt more sci-fi… Idk. But it was fantastic. The plot was quite interesting—and the characters!

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A whole ep in two days! Someone's been watching quite a bit—and boy, does that feel good. :D

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Classic Whooooo ♥ So this episode was pretty delightful. First—comboys! I had Town Called Mercy feels, this was fun. The Doctor wears a hat and gets mistaken for another Doctor! :D

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Throwing in a quick post as I EVENTUALLY finished the Celestial Toymaker! Lol, I'd only started weeks ago.

The episode was pretty nice overall, I preferred the two first parts though. Hartnell was basically absent at the middle of the ep, being on holiday during the shooting invisible and mute. And since Steven and Dodo are nice enough, but not favourite companions of mine, that was a bit sad. Still, the games were very nice, I especially loved the playing cards ("We are not amused!"), and Cyril the tricky boy wasn't bad either. Some plots things felt a bit easy (at the very end I stared at the Doctor like "are you seriously going to eat something the Toymaker gave you?", same for Dodo falling for the OBVIOUS trick of Cyril pretending to be hurt to make her go help him and lose the game), but overall it was pretty nice.

I also liked the character of the Toymaker. At the beginning at least, I remember thinking he would have made an epic Time Lord, maybe even a bit better than the Meddling Monk ;) And learning his immortality, at the end, made the idea all the more interesting…

And the Gunfighters episode is ACTUALLY AVAILABLE, not a recon! XD *falls off chair* Will probably be watching that soonish.
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THIS IS IT I FINISHED MY TRANSLATION! ^_^ …but that was not the point of this post at all. Ahem…

Sooo, I watched The Ark now! And The Celestial Toymaker is next, eeeee! But no need to think about that—The Ark was really pretty good, one of my s3 favourites, definitely—if not the one. (Its being entirely available might have helped too!) Read more... )
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Watched The Massacre this week! It was enjoyable, though we didn't see One enough for my tastes. I was mostly delighted by the atmosphere at first, reminded me a little of Reign of Terror—my, they did love France! Steven didn't exceedingly interest me, but Anne was quite sweet. ONE HAD A TOP HAT AT SOME POINT! And he was crafty and handed Steven some money, although it wasn't very neat for change, lol.

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Well, I finished Daleks' Master Plan eventually. Very grateful for that—12 parts, that's honestly too long, lol. I thought I would never see the end of it—especially since I watch less and less often when I'm doing proofreading work, which is kind of easier to carry on with during long periods. Anyway, thoughts as follows:

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Time for s3 it is—and my first recons! I decided that well, I'd give it a try given that there are so many missing eps, and ended up watching all of Galaxy 4 but the last part, and The Myth Makers. (Didn't bother with Mission to the Unknown as the Doctor and companions weren't even there.) It proved to be quite fun—the episodes were nice, if nothing that outstanding, and most of all seeing Steven and Vicki longer left me quite all right with the idea of her departure. Their dynamic together was nice, but I wasn't as excited about it as I was in The Time Meddler.

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