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Oh god, this is it—I'm done with s2! *flails* And quite sad too, because this was my last real episode with Vicki, there's just one part left in s3 now—all the rest is missing. Won't even see her departure, poor dear! Oh well, that's life—there are always the recons but I've never had the patience with those…

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Well, this is it. The Chase is over and my babies are gone ♥ That was another pretty great episode though. Thoughts and highlights below:

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Watched The Crusade while I was at it, since there were only two parts available. After The Web Planet's slight disapppointment, that was thoroughly delightful—I really enjoyed every character, why can't they do aliens I can feel for like this? Aliens aren't just about the silly costumes and weird voices =P
Joanna was especially wonderful ("There's something new in you, yet something older than the sky itself"…), as well as Haroun and his young daughter. Poor Barbara seems doomed to being kidnapped and tossed around while Vicki stays all nice and safe with the Doctor—seriously, does he NEVER let her out of his sight? But I was like "awww" at the scene in which Vicki was all frightened by the idea of the Doctor leaving her behind. ALSO HE BOPPED HER NOSE AND THEY HAD A HUG. ♥
Now Ian and Barbara's last two episodes better be as good! :D
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Finished watching The Web Planet, and I have to say that is the episode I liked least in s2 thus far… I think that most of it has to do with the aliens—I found them all thoroughly ridiculous, except maybe the creepy spider voice, which was… well, creepy. And the team TARDIS was all separated—Vicki and the Doctor had nice moments (because of COURSE those two were together…), but Ian + aliens and Barbara + aliens didn't really allow for lots of nice character moments, at least in my opinion. Oh well! Things I did like—the Doctor's ring coming to an use, that was interesting. The character moments at the beginning, with Ian and Barbara spontaneously being protective of Vicki. The interaction between Barbara and Vicki was quite nice, and yes a bit annoying at times because it's quite obvious that Vicki doesn't really trust Barbara as much as she trusts the Doctor, and there is no reason for that—she seems almost unpleasant sometimes, quite dismissive. I'm intrigued by the girl's backstory, and wonder whether we'll find out more about her…
Other remark—the TARDIS seriously spends SO MUCH TIME being overpowered, sent away or generally useless for a supposedly brilliant ship. Plot reasons ftw!

Lines that stuck to memory:

"I wished we’d materialised in some really luxurious place, you know. Lots of lovely things to buy and eat and wear." -Vicki being Little Miss Shallow.

IAN: I hope my pants stay up.
DOCTOR: Yes, well that’s your affair, not mine.

and also Vicki taking a liking for one of the ants once they could control it. Wtf, girl!
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Just finished watching the ep! A few comments thrown while I'm at it:

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Finished watching Planet of Giants today and OMFG IT'S SOOOOOOOO GOOD. If s2 carries on that way, it's certainly most promising :D

1- The whole plot of the episode had me thrilled and on the edge of my seat and full of giggles. The cat! The sink! Insects! The matchbox! The phone! ♥♥♥!

2- Sick!Barbara. My poor love. *loves her* And Ian's face…

3- On the same note, Ian/Barbara always and forever. Just keep touching in all the little innocent ways, you two. I also found out there are many more episodes with them than I once thought—yay!

4- Susan being clever and making deductions at the SAME TIME at her grandfather, and standing up for herself when Ian was like "no way." Good for you, girl!

5- Those baddies. I liked those baddies. I don't know why, I just did. Baddies who weren't aliens/historical, just people who would have done about anything if it served their interest or what they believed in. Just human.

6- The Doctor apologized to Barbara for being rude, at the beginning! ♥♥♥

7- I just love the way they can split up in ANY team—Ian/Barbara and the Doctor and his granddaughter vs. Doctor + Barbara and Ian + Susan vs. the men on one side and the girls on the other—and it ALWAYS WORKS.

Watching next: Susan's last episode, Daleks again (hoping to enjoy it more than their s1 ep…) and then it'll be Vicki joining the crew! :D
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Title: Maybe we can live like the wild ones
Author: flowsoffire
Fandom: Doctor Who
Pairing/characters: Rose, Ten, mentions of Nine
Genre: Romance
Rating: K+
Word count: c. 300
Disclaimer: I don't own anything.
Summary: His face, his voice, his mannerisms are all brand new. Hint after hint, Rose explores and peels back the layers with all of her awareness, discovers him all over again. Keeps him—makes him—hers. Hands cling to hands, and they run on.
Author's note: S2!Rose this time, though I'm a lot less fond of her during that season. But she's a girl of passion, and passion is always fun to explore. So here we go, little exploring piece—for the Nine-to-Ten transition, and Ten/Rose. Title comes from the song Wild ones by Charlie Winston—really great fit, for the piece and for the ship (actually, for any companion/Doctor relationship I suppose). Enjoy!

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