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My original novel is on a free offer on Amazon for the next three days! So if you're interested, grab it! And if you're not interested, still grab it! It'll only take five seconds and zero money after all, and give me extra sales aka a higher place in the ranks aka more visibility :D

For English 3

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Jun. 3rd, 2014 09:24 pm
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A friend of mine just started uploading the original novel she's working on on Wattpad, so this is pimping time! :D

The novel is a dark surnatural story, set in a dystopian universe. It deals with several difficult themes such as mental illness, gender identity and religion, so here's your warning. Only the first chapter is posted for now, and from that (and knowing/trusting my friend's writing skills), I really encourage everyone to give it a try! This is set to be a really troubling, intriguing story, with deep insight and a blunt, acidic style. So yeah, I've got high hopes for it and I want to help my friend get as wide a readership as possible—so check it out and don't hesitate to jump on board! :) (You can comment through Wattpad or by using a Facebook or Twitter account.)

Link: The Margins

Summary: Held hostage by angels in a mental institution-stylized purgatory where the very laws of physics restrict free will, five patients decide that they've had enough and concoct a plan to get out by dying - again.

Author's website: Eliza Sterling (penname)
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IT IS HERE! My first novel's English version, The Overflow, is now available on Amazon! Freshly published, and I'm hoping it will get a good start :D Clink on the cover to access it (and just change .com to whatever your country's Amazon store might be).

For English 3

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THIS IS IT OMFG. The novel is now available on Amazon :D:D :D You can find it here on Amazon.fr or Amazon.com.

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Just self-published my first novel as an ebook on Amazon… Should be available in the next 48 hours. OH MY WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME
*flails everywhere*
(French, btw. Self-translating hasn't happened yet, probably will at some point, but it's not like I'm not already translating a novel atm.)
*nerves nerves nerves*
XD I'm a mess. Keep calm and watch Doctor Who, they said. Well, I use that baby metaphor—like a couple of other authors probably… Can one watch Doctor Who while they're in freaking labour? =P (Mind you, all I have to do right now is wait. The Eleven syndrome is kicking in though… Patience is for wimps =P)
OMFG OMFG some more…
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Because my friends make good stuff ♥ I'm pimping treats by two lovelies I met on the Bellatrix Lestrange community over on fanfiction.net:

[livejournal.com profile] pieceofgum wrote an AMAZING original short story, really vivid and meaningful. Sci-fi, a polluted and breathless Earth might find salvation in alliance with an alien race, but are tolerance and understanding possible… Read here

On FF.net, Xx starlight-moon xX has an amazing series of RTD-era one-shots. In order: Post-Journey's End Rose, Sally Sparrow, the children of Utopia, Wilf, Lucy and the Master. Find it here: The World Has Turned And Left Me There.
(Unfortunately, she is long MIA so there is no hope of updates or replies, but the fic is still just wonderful. She also has two Amy/Rory one-shots and a ton of delightful Harry Potter dark side stuff.)

That's it for today ^_^ Much love!


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