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I'll just leave this here.

I've had more trouble connecting with Clara in s8, or since the specials actually… But this just blended everything that made her character perfectly, from the first introduction as Oswin to what she is now. It showed all the layers in the character, all that I love in her, even though I'm not always delighted with how she's handled. It was just amazing. And so, so beautiful.


Dec. 20th, 2014 11:04 pm
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Icon form

Unedited, raw triumph from yours truly!

It is very badly framed, I was only planning to do the bigger version tonight but it was too big and LJ refused to load it, stupid LJ. Hence you get a quick messy crop for bragging purposes.
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And here is the newest batch of my babies! ♥ God, I just love icon-making a bit more each day. *flails happily*

Caps are from the lovely [livejournal.com profile] universaldogma; #13 to #32 were made for a battle with her, in which she'll put me to shame again but that's okay :D *hugs* This time there was a bit of texture use, for which the credit goes to [livejournal.com profile] midnight_road. I'll put together a resources post at some point when I have more.

That is all, I guess. Hope you enjoy ^_^

32) Better 1) Texture 2) Pale 3) 3-better 4) With texture 1-5

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Here is my third batch—and this time I've actually mastered some new techniques! :D Still just dabbling, but at least progress happens little by little, haha. I've understood the point of layers at long last, and I am officially in love with gradients… and curves, too, a bit ♥

Anyway—here is a batch with a bit of everything: bit of classics, and all three new!Doctors. The Eleven icons were made for a battle with the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] universaldogma, who also provided me with tons of s5 screencaps—thanks a ton, lovely :D

I'll shut up now. ^_^

1) Gradients 2) First crop 3) I made some cocoa 24) Difference 25) Somber 1-5

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Here we go, guys! Gosh, I did end up posting these. Twenty s1, five of The Eleventh Hour, one OTP indulgence and one of Idris. Hope you enjoy my dabbling! Any and all feedback is appreciated!

8) Pink 9) Cyan 14) Light 12) Light 20) Glow 1-5

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I am bawling with hysterical laughter. It starts with socialism and ends with Moffat. I will never look at a cow the same way.
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Got around to watching [livejournal.com profile] radiolaires's. Obligatory pimp. Someone is ace. No news there. ♥

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Have a lot of lovely stuff and vids to catch up with (waves at [livejournal.com profile] radiolaires) but for now I HAVE to share the gorgeous one I just watched:

Anything on "Goodnight Travel Well" is starting on VERY good odds, but this… oh, my. Eleven. *breaks* There are no words.
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IT IS HERE! My first novel's English version, The Overflow, is now available on Amazon! Freshly published, and I'm hoping it will get a good start :D Clink on the cover to access it (and just change .com to whatever your country's Amazon store might be).

For English 3

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Thiiiiiiis is a preview clip from the special THE ACTUAL SPECIAL YES! Don't watch if you don't want to be spoiled! I kind of watched first and thought later, but no regrets :D

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Teehee! *dances*
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I'll have the honours of this one. ^_^

(Cheers to [livejournal.com profile] elisi and [livejournal.com profile] honeynoir for the other lovely sharing!)
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Oh my god, I really REALLY wanted to do this before NaNo. Here we go, then.

So those are my babies—20 Who, 5 OUaT and 38 alternates. As you guys know, I just dabble. Beginner, not super good, etc—but I just had a blast doing those and I really, really hope people like them. Comments would be ♥♥♥, I'd be delighted to have opinions (criticism is welcome too!). And if anyone wanted one of those, please do credit… ;)

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BBC recovers early Doctor Who episodes

*punches air* It looks official! That's BEAUTY. Selfishly hoping for Ian/Barbara goodness and lots of Two rather than s3, since I'm already watching the recons for that :D (Though there seems to be quite a bit of demand for The Celestial Toymaker). Can't wait to find out what has been found!

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Snickering forever at the Clara minisode. (Beware the thoroughly RUBBISH quality.)

Poor cute Clara. Tiny spoiler )

Rain gods

Sep. 25th, 2013 08:23 pm
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IT IS ON YOUTUBE. (Not sure for how long, but there you go…)

Here is another link, more in close-up because River's lovely face, argh.

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I've got a message

*points and screeches and points and screeches and points* THIS IS IT. MESSAGE BY SYNTAX. I'd requested that in Eleventyfest and the person I got assigned to chose that prompt and I KNEW IT WOULD BE PERFECT BUT THIS IS BEYOND PERFECTION THIS IS *GODLY* AND EVERY DETAIL IS *GODLY* AND I CAN'T. All the River feels and all the Clara feels and Eleven and darkness and hope and memories and it has Nine and Ten and Donna at the end and HGSXGSKSCDZ how did this happen how did this vid become something *real*. I had such a vivid picture of what it could be like and it is entirely that and entirely different and unique and I am going to freaking worship that anon.

I. am. dead.
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THIS IS IT OMFG. The novel is now available on Amazon :D:D :D You can find it here on Amazon.fr or Amazon.com.

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Just self-published my first novel as an ebook on Amazon… Should be available in the next 48 hours. OH MY WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME
*flails everywhere*
(French, btw. Self-translating hasn't happened yet, probably will at some point, but it's not like I'm not already translating a novel atm.)
*nerves nerves nerves*
XD I'm a mess. Keep calm and watch Doctor Who, they said. Well, I use that baby metaphor—like a couple of other authors probably… Can one watch Doctor Who while they're in freaking labour? =P (Mind you, all I have to do right now is wait. The Eleven syndrome is kicking in though… Patience is for wimps =P)
OMFG OMFG some more…


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