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Quick review, yes!

This was a very nice one. It felt more… more sci-fi, if that makes sense, with the whole mystery bordering on ghost story at first (hello again, magic vs. science themes!), and all the business with the timey-wimey. I loved seeing Three and Jo encounter themselves at first, Jo all being like "WTF??!!" and the point Three made later about ghosts coming to them from the past and future—which seemed to refer to that appearance at the time, but really was fairly good foreshadowing to the following events of the plot, in hindsight. Conveniently, Three no longer minded the concept of ghosts, but just as a manner of speaking.

SO. The Daleks were ruling Earth again in the far future—I thought The Daleks Masters of Earth had sorted that much, but apparently not! And it's just very clever and very tragic that humans just set out their own demise, reaching into their own past to try and undo the events they thought had caused it all, but actually creating a paradox by becoming the source themselves. This is a bit of a time travel trope, the undoing tragic historical events, but a good one. The Doctor's dynamic with those rebels was interesting, and also, Jo's. As in The Daemons, Jo showed much credulity by Three's standards—being completely spooked by the ghost story atmosphere at first, and all too ready to believe in those things, then trusting her terrible first impressions of the rebels instead of hearing out their story, and later allowing the controller to manipulate her, just because he was polite, decent and showing apparently genuine concern, whereas the rebels were desperate people and a bit near the fanatical edge. Mostly she was human, and fearful and using her instincts or what was easy/comfortable to believe more than her head, but this time Three managed to express his disagreement and/or disapproval without treating her like she was a waste of space, which is fine by me, let me tell you. ♥ (I was shaking my head at her a little bit, myself, but getting scared and not thinking straight is understandable to some extent.)

What else? There were One and Two cameos, when the Daleks used the mind analysis machine to recognize Three despite his regeneration. Three got manhandled roughly; this happens to him a fair bit. (From memory, in Inferno and Terror of the Autons.) The controller who worked with the Daleks proved more layered than he seemed at first glance, traumatized by the wars and thinking he had no choice if he wanted to survive and maybe do small things to help other humans if he got the chance, but mostly watch out for his own ass. He even turned around and betrayed the Daleks in the end, so the Doctor could stop it all from happening in the first place, and lost his life for it, bless. (While I think one of the actual rebels turned around and sold him to get his place. HUMANS ARE NOT ALWAYS WHAT THEY SEEM.) On another note, we had Three waxing lyrical on wine, and Yates trolling Benton by going all haughty-superior on his ass while Jo was offering him food during his watch, only to… take the food for himself, the lovely bastard XD

The Brig also did another "Doctor! Come back here at once!", followed by a dismal little head shake. And the Doctor did some Venusian karate, and took the time for a sip of wine between two moves.

I started The Curse of Peladon also and it looks very good. *nods*

Quotable lines:

Three: "Do you believe in ghosts, Brigadier? […] Oh, my mistake. I was forgetting the unimaginative nature of the military mind." [This is even more rich after The Daemons.]

Three: "Yes, the temporal feedback circuit has overloaded."
Brig: "The what's done what?"
Three: "In your terms, Brigadier, the thing's blown a fuse!"

Three: "You know, one thing you can be certain of with politicians is that whatever their political ideas they always keep a well-stocked larder."

Jo [about the Doctor]: "Well, at the moment, he's carrying on rather like a one man food and wine society."

Three: "Do you know, I remember saying to old Napoleon. Boney, I said, always remember an army marches on its stomach."

Three: "there are many different kinds of ghosts, Jo. Ghosts from the past and ghosts from the future."
Jo: "Well, what kind did you have in mind?"
Three: "What's more to the point is, have they got us in mind?"

Three [to gagged Jo]: "You know, I've got a good mind to let you stay like that. So much more peaceful. In any case, even if I released you, you'd probably ask me a lot of fool questions."

Three: "Look, try and use your intelligence, man, even if you are a politician."
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