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So. The Daemons! Well, that was not my favourite episode in the history of ever. It had several good things, and also several weird things, and I donʼt know, I was a bit confused and WTF for quite a bit of it. I guess one canʼt like everything ;)

The beginning was pretty good; I liked the atmosphere of the village, with the hilarious white witch, Miss Hawthorne, and everyone being like “Whatever, you madwoman” at her. Also liked the reports about the archaeological dig, with the BBC basically trolling itself through the sarcastic, go-away-you-ignorant-fool-ish professor snarking at the BBC journalist who just wanted a good report that would draw viewers in. There was an interesting premise about credulity and what looks like a miracle, but is actually science. Three was making faces at Jo for being too gullible for his tastes, which was still funny at that point. He repeated his scorn a bit too heavily later, but I will get back to that. =P

There were also the UNIT guys watching the events on TV, and being on a watch of sorts and kind of bored to death while the Brigadier went to some kind of fancy dinner event? And Benton and Yates looking at each other like “Look at our lucky bastard of a superior”. Later on they were just watching sport. XD There was more room for Benton and Yates in this ep, specifically because they got more action while separated from the Brigadier, I believe. Yates in particular is my favourite and still being quite shippable with Jo; those two are cute. Later on, the Brigadier couldnʼt seem to be reached during an emergency situation and he was IN BED. WE SAW THE BRIG IN BED. WHAT. EVEN. He also got very awake very fast, and very annoyed, upon learning that Yates and Benton had taken his helicopter. XD For most of the episode he was out there trying to reach the village and being stopped with a heat shield. And not being very much good, in fact. His guys tried to make up a machine to help and it blew up, aw. Three told them to reverse the polarity of… something, too—not the actual catchphrase, but it was fun to see. ;)

What else was there that was nice? Ah, there was the Master being a vicar that obviously didnʼt have much spirituality in him. XD He did interesting mind manipulation to the crowd of the villagers, and showed he knew a creepy amount of personal stuff about them. The Doctor used a Venusian lullaby as a pretend spell against a live gargoyle, and that shit worked! He clearly loves Venus. There were hilarious May dances, and people trying to burn the Doctor at the stake, and which Miss Hawthorne stopped them by telling them to stop, fools, they were trying to harm the great wizard Qui Quae Quod! This is legit! And completely like her. (Beforehand she knocked a guy out with a crystal ball. I rather loved the woman.) After that the Doctor made a demonstration of magic that was actually Benton shooting things from a distance. More about credulity and what you see vs. what is actually going on. Another magic trick was Bessie just driving around by herself, which was trolling Jo, Benton and pretty much everyone from start to finish, until the grand ending of the Master trying to escape in her (Bessie gets the she pronoun from me now) and being duly driven back. Bessie is cool. Remote control ftw?

Also, someone random thought Three was wearing a wig. He was Not Amused.

And UNIT had a scientist named Osgood! And well, it was a guy.

Those were the good things. *nods* The rest, um… I was a bit confused/WTF about what was actually going on with the Daemons and their huge influence throughout the history of mankind. I guess I just found that headscratchy. The Masterʼs satanic rituals were kind of fun, but kind of got a little old after a while, the voice of the Daemon got old VERY FAST too. God my ears. It was interesting to see the Master seem actually scared and completely out of his depth for a moment, like “WTF did I just summon?”. The Daemon did not think much of him either. The whole episode was kind of belittling for the Master overall, like he was good at tricking a bunch of dumb and/or corrupt villagers, but many people knew better and the creature heʼd been trying to get to obey him was actually like “go away you scum. Well, there is another creature of your species, bring him to me at once”. It's the last episode of the season where he's recurring villain, and well, he did not go out with a bang. Bring me The Sea Devils and swordfighting already.

I also got a little annoyed by Three repeatedly bitching at Jo about being a silly, credulous little girl and Not A Scientist. Okay, so Jo wasnʼt too far from buying the whole devil thing herself, or believing in magic, and I 100% get why he would be annoyed, eyeroll a lot, and snark at her, but it felt like he was being a bit too contemptuous a bit too often, or telling her off for stupid reasons, like criticizing the Brigadier by telling almost freaking verbatim the very thing the Doctor said five minutes before. Um, so Three is entitled to telling the Brigadier heʼs being idiotic, but Jo can stfu because This Is Not Her Place. Good! (Benton kind of seemed like he wanted to smile there—then Yates gave him a Look. It was kind of squee.)

At the end of the ep, Jo saved the day by being irrational and trying to give her life to save the Doctorʼs, which… was apparently such a weird idea the Daemon just couldnʼt deal with it and blew up? The Doctor didnʼt quite say it had been really stupid but well, yes, he did say it actually. (I donʼt think he said thank you, but he acted gruffly embarrassed and fond, which was cute enough so Iʼll forgive him.) Earlier on the Master had wanted to sacrifize Jo, I forgot! (Poor Jo also got a nasty knock on the head, thought the Doctor was dead for a while, and yes, poor thing went through seven shades of crap throughout this episode. Thank goodness she had Yates to at least look after her a bit, though well, he did also call her an idiot for running off on her own to help the Doctor after having been bedridden. He did have a point but canʼt they all stop it already?)

I donʼt think I forgot anything? The gargoyle creature looked really very bad. The Daemon kind of did too. Okay, Iʼll end this there and proceed with the funny or remarkable quotes! There are a lot! XD

Quotes (this bit is positive!)

Three: "You know, really, Jo, I'm obviously wasting my time trying to turn you into a scientist."
[It begins.]

Three: "Well, I just know, that's all. Everything that happens in life must have a scientific explanation. If you know where to look for it, that is. Excuse me."
Jo: "Yes, but suppose something was to happen and nobody knew the explanation. Well, nobody in the world, in the universe. Well, that would be magic, wouldn't it?"
Three: "You know, Jo, for a reasonably intelligent young lady, you do have the most absurd ideas."

[Bessie drives around like it's the new cool thing]
Three: "Bessie, how dare you go gallivanting around like that." [honk] "Are you sorry?" [honk honk] "Very well, I forgive you. Now go back to your parking place before I change my mind."
Yates [a minute later]: "I know there's a good explanation for all this but I just can't think of it for the moment."

Professor: "Six inches behind there lies the greatest archaeological find this country has known since Sutton Hoo."
Journalist: "Would you like to explain that reference, Professor?"
Professor: "No. And at midnight tonight-"
Journalist: "Sutton Hoo, of course…"
Professor: "Never mind about Sutton Hoo. This is what your precious viewers are interested in."

[two minutes later] Professor: "You know, you ought to have done your homework before you came on this dig."

Master [being a very progressive vicar]: "The soul as such is a very dated concept. Viewing the matter existentially, I…"

Miss Hawthorne or This Lady Knows Her Shit: "Oh, why should I believe you? A rationalist, existentialist priest indeed."

Three [guess to whom! That's right, Jo, because the episode praised her intellect a lot]: "If you look at the map the right way up, we might eventually get there."

Miss Hawthorne [to Benton, who just rescued her from the chest she was locked in]: "Oh, very perfect gentle knight."
Benton: "What?"
Miss Hawthorne: "Well, your damsel in distress may be a bit long in the tooth, but she's very grateful."

Three [waking up from near-death]: "Eureka!"

Three: "Jo, did you fail Latin as well as science? Magister is the Latin word for Master!"

Brigadier: "I see, Yates. So, the Doctor was frozen stiff at the barrow and was then revived by a freak heat wave. Benton was beaten up by invisible forces and the local white witch claims she's seen the Devil."
Benton: "Yes, sir. I know it sounds a bit wild."

Three: "Well done, Jo. You're being logical at last. I'll turn you into a scientist yet." [Yes, I would have bashed his head in after the fifth one and I don't care how many times he actually had a point.]

Brigadier [still completely unable to access the places where shit happens]: "Now, what's going on there?"
Yates: "Quite a bit, but I don't think you'd believe me, even if I told you."

Yates: "I see, so all we've got to deal with is something which is either too small to see or thirty feet tall, can incinerate you or freeze you to death, turns stone images into homicidal monsters and looks like the very devil."
Three: "Exactly."

Brigadier: "Well, what? Now I'm not going to sit here like a spare [pause] like a spare lemon waiting for the squeezer." [And really he did just that all along.]

Brigadier: "Twenty thousand pounds of UNIT money gone up in a puff of smoke."
Three: "You've got the mind of an accountant, Lethbridge-Stewart."

Osgood: "Simple? It's impossible."
Three: "Yes, well, according to classical aerodynamics, it's impossible for a bumblebee to fly!"

Brigadier: "Well, when will you be ready, for heaven's sake?"
Three: "About next Christmas, I shouldn't wonder. At a rough estimate, of course."

Brigadier: "Do you know what you're doing?"
Three: "My dear chap, I can't wait to find out."

Brigadier: "Do you know, Sergeant, I sometimes wish I worked in a bank."

Miss Hawthorne: "You must learn the art of waiting, Sergeant. The Doctor will come, or else he won't, and that's all that can be said. Now, milk or lemon?"

Miss Hawthorne [looking at the crystal ball with which she just knocked a man out]: "On these occasions, the outcome's a certainty."

Daemon: "We gave knowledge to man."
Three: "You certainly did. Thanks to you man can now blow up the world and he probably will. He can poison the water and the very air he breathes. He's already started."

Miss Hawthorne: "Sergeant, we must do the fertility dance to celebrate."
Benton: "Oh, no, I'm sorry, ma'am. I'm still rather busy."
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